We provide consulting services across the whole project and IT operations lifecycle.

SharePoint Architecture and Design

SharePoint is a complex product, and to get the most from it, one needs to be judicious and selective in choosing how to implement and run it.

Our Architecture services can help you ensure that your solution aligns with business needs, operates within the constraints of your technical environment, is supportable by your staff, and meets the best practices established by Microsoft and the SharePoint community.

SharePoint Governance

We believe that IT Governance is ultimately about sound decision-making: it’s about determining what your organisation really wants to achieve, and then ensuring that your decision-making structures, roles and responsibilities, processes, and staff can meet your goals.

While there is a lot of information available on the internet about how to perform technical activities with SharePoint, we feel that the understanding of organisational change and ‘real’ governance is relatively light. And yet, good governance is often a key factor in ensuring SharePoint success.

SharePoint Governance is especially complex because it crosses a number of domains. To ensure success, one must consider information governance, IT operations, security, support, training, and a wealth of other factors.

An example SharePoint governance definition process will undertake a range of activities, including:

  • Defining the organisation’s vision for SharePoint.
  • Defining a mission statement, that is, how the organisation will achieve its vision.
  • Defining the guiding principles
  • Determining roles and responsibilities
  • Establishing a governance committee
  • Defining policies, standards, and procedures; such procedures may include:
    • How to get support
    • Find training materials
    • Provide feedback to governance committee
    • Request new site or access to a site; and
    • Report problems or request features.
  • Establishing feedback mechanisms

SharePoint Health-check

Is your SharePoint environment a little ill? Do users complain about poor performance? Does the environment mysteriously ‘go down’ sometimes? Are you worried whether your information is secure? Have you applied all the latest patches, security updates, and bug fixes? Are you getting the most value out of your investment?

Our SharePoint Health check service will help you answer these questions, and provide recommendations as to how you can get SharePoint back on track.

SharePoint Security Assessment

We can assist in performing a threat-risk assessment (TRA) for your SharePoint environment, and also in evaluating your environment against industry best practices. We can help you ensure that appropriate controls are in place, that your system is properly configured, that audit logging and other capabilities have been implemented, and that the system meets your organisation’s security policies and objectives.

SharePoint Integration

We are familiar with integrating SharePoint with a range of applications and enterprise systems, and can provide expertise and assistance in performing this integration. Our experience includes integration of:

  • Enterprise Resource Systems (ERPs)
  • Timesheet systems
  • Health monitoring systems
  • Line-of-business applications
  • Records Management Systems including HP TRIM and Objective
  • Intrusion detection systems such as SNARE