Publish content from SharePoint to WordPress with the Content Publisher for SharePoint.

SharePoint is a great collaboration and productivity solution… but SharePoint is not really designed for the type of slick, mobile friendly, graphically designed publishing sites that customers expect.

As SharePoint consultants, we find that many customers want to collaborate and work together on content in SharePoint, and then publish and distribute using a blogging platform to best present their corporate branding and marketing materials. Many customers look to WordPress for their public web sites for these reasons. WordPress is a free, lightweight blogging engine that powers many of the world’s most best looking and well known web sites.

Content Publisher for SharePoint enables users to automatically publish content from your SharePoint site to a WordPress site, giving you the ‘best of both worlds’ experience, combining SharePoint’s powerful collaboration and workflow capabilities, alongside WordPress’s web content, branding and design, and accessibility features.


  • Author and collaborate in SharePoint, and publish to WordPress.
  • Easily apply branding and web design best practices.
  • Reduces the load on SharePoint servers.
  • Address mandatory accessibility requirements with ease.

Are you interested? We’d love to hear your feedback! All feedback will be reviewed and considered by our team; we’re grateful to hear your thoughts!

Supported Product Versions
Content Publisher for SharePoint is available for SharePoint 2016, 2013, and 2010. Versions of WordPress 3.4 and later are supported.

Purchasing Options
Please contact us to purchase.

More Information

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